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Kumo's Year in Review: $265B worth of deals were sourced by Kumo this year, and other interesting stats

Take Five #037: “Congratulations, you have structured a deal that does not work” and more

Take Five #036: 136 comments to the question: “Has anyone bought a business without prior industry experience?” and more

Take Five #035: Why the next 8 weeks are vital for sourcing (and talking to sellers!) and more

Take Five #034: How to REALLY speak to a seller (and prevent your deal from blowing up) & more

Take Five #033: How ETA will change from a small, niche community into a professional asset class larger than VC, and more

Take Five #032: The gory details of what it takes to get a deal done, and more

Take Five #031: Are searchers the most hated buyers to work with? One man’s take, and more

Take Five #030: The most straightforward way for anyone to become a millionaire, and more

Take Five #029: Are rollups the most predictable way to get wealthy? ($10m-$50m)

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Take Five #028: How one entrepreneur put in $50K, kept 85% ownership, and got a $5M loan for a $12M business

Take Five #027: A 49-tweet masterclass on how to structure your mini-Berkshire Hathaway, and more

Take Five #026: What sort of trends are bankers seeing in the SMB market? and more

Take Five #025: Maintain discipline. Kill deals. Win the SMB search.

Take Five #024: Why EBITDA can be a terrible measure of profitability

Take Five #023: Searching can be lonely. Here’s how to find your tribe & more

Take Five #022: A business with 87% EBITDA profit margin, and more

Take Five #021: “What's the BEST tip you've learned about buying companies?”

Take Five #020: A real life play-by-play of the first day post-acquisition

Take Five #019: Turns out was a wildly profitable business acquisition, and more

Take Five #018: How rate hikes and inflation have impacted acquisitions, & more

One Email, 60,000+ deals: Your 3-Minute Quick Start Guide to Kumo

Take Five #017: “I bought 3 companies in 6 months. Would I do it again?” and more

Take Five #016: “What am I missing about the holdco hype?” and more

Take Five #015: The best question to ask a seller about their company & more

✨NEW FEATURE✨ on Kumo: Filter 60,000+ deals by state, country, or continent

Take Five #014: Why you need to dream bigger and stop going for 500k SDE businesses, and more

How Kumo Works: a 5-minute primer on how Kumo can supercharge how you monitor the deal ecosystem

Take Five #013: The 7 Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Business & more

Take Five #012: Send this blueprint of the $10 trillion dollar tsunami to a friend, and more

Take Five #011: The easiest way to start making $300k a year & more

Take Five #010: Our Beta is Live!

Our Beta is Officially Live!

Take Five #009: “We now know who is rich in America. And it’s not who you might have guessed.”

Take Five #008: How far you can go with a partnered search (instead of going solo), and more

A Better Search is Coming: Our Beta is Launching Soon

Take Five #007: The State of the SMB Market (as of May 2022) and more

Take Five #006: The Practical Guide to How to Make $2M in 18 Months, and more

Take Five #005: The Maslov Hierarchy of Acquisition Needs and why recurring revenue is overrated, & more

The Essential Reading List for Books on Buying and Operating Businesses in 2022

Take Five #004: Where self-funded searchers have an advantage over traditional search funds, and more

3 Strategies to Protect your Mental Health During Your SMB / ETA Search

Take Five #003: With 10k Baby Boomers retiring daily, there's a business opportunity there & more

35 Best Podcasts for Buying and Operating Businesses in 2022

Not All Business Brokers are Created Equal

Take Five #002: Entrepreneurship is hard, but this even harder

Take Five #001: The best road to a net worth of $15M+ & more

Fortune Favors the Fast: Reflections after closing our first SaaS acquisition

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